How to get there

Navarra's Zona Media is located in the province center, south of Pamplona. Its most populated towns are Tafalla and Olite, both on the banks of the Cidacos River and located right in the Zona Media's center. The routes are distributed by 14 of the 34 municipalities covered by the Development Consortium.

The closest cities are Pamplona to the north, Estella and Logroño to the west, Tudela and Calahorra to the south and Ejea de los Caballeros to the east. The main communication routes are the AP-15 highway and the N-121 national road that cross the territory from north to south. The main airports in its surroundings are those of Pamplona (30 km), Zaragoza (140 km) and Bilbao (200 km).
There is an extensive network of local and regional roads in good condition connecting the numerous villages of the Zona Media, generally of small size. These include monumental old towns such as Artajona, Olite, San Martín de Unx and Ujué, as well as the important collection of Romanesque remains at the Valdorba villages.

Northwest access (from Basque Country, Navarra and France)

AP-15 highway and N-121 national road are the most direct access from Pamplona, ​​where they connect with A-15 and A-10 motorways that come from the Basque Country, with the N-121 and N-135 roads from the border crossings with France and with the A-21 motorway that connects with the rest of the Pyrenees

West access (Vitoria and Logroño)

The main access from the west is the NA-132 road that links Estella, Tafalla and Sangüesa. From Logroño, the rest of La Rioja and Álava and the rest of the provinces located to the west of Navarra, the main access is by the A-12 highway. The Zona Media is accessed from the exit of the A-12 to the NA-132 at Villatuerta, or the exits of the NA-601 that connect Puente la Reina/Gares, Mendigorria and much of Valdizarbe to the Campanas junction, where it joins the N-121.

East access (Huesca)

Se puede acceder desde la A-21 desde Huesca o bien conectando desde más al norte por la NA-234 que entronca con la N-121 a la altura de Tiebas, más al sur por la NA-132 pasando por Sangüesa y entrando en la Zona Media por el Alto de Lerga, o por el acceso menos habitual, más al sur aún a través de la NA-128 que viene de las Cinco Villas de Aragón que también  permite conectar con Huesca.

Zona Media can be accessed from the A-21 from Huesca or connecting from further north to the NA-234 that joins the N-121 near Tiebas, further south on the NA-132 passing through Sangüesa and entering the region through the Alto de Lerga, or by the less common access, even further south through the NA-128 that comes from the Cinco Villas de Aragón allowing the connection with Huesca as well.

South access (Zaragoza and rest of Spain)

The main connection to the south is the A-15 motorway that goes from Pamplona to Tudela, where it joins the AP-68 heading to Zaragoza and the N-113 that allows connecting with Soria and Madrid and hopefully soon through the A-11.


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