• If you see an indication of hunting raid, please turn around and choose a different path. Hunting is an important economic activity in the Zona Media and respectful coexistence between cyclists and those who practice hunting is a priority.
  • It's necessary to be extremely respectful towards fauna and flora: avoid making noises and yelling, do not pick flowers and avoid aggressive riding that erodes the ground, especially when the terrain is wet.
  • Respect the enviroment and leave no trace. Leave the countryside like or even better than you found it.
  • Trails are shared with hikers and jockeys / horses. You must always give way, as both have the right of way. If they prefer to yield to you, appreciate their gesture.
  • Please allow the passage of cattle on all roads and avoid sudden movements. Close the livestock gates that you find in your path and respect the existing fences.
  • Respect the existing MTB and other routes signalling. If you detect any failure or deterioration in the signalling, please notify us using the form in the Incidents section, which you will find at the bottom of this website.

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