About us

The Consorcio de Desarrollo de la Zona Media is a public entity that seeks to promote the integral and equal development of the region through the participation of its economic and social agents. It was born in 1996 and currently clusters 34 municipalities in the Zona Media of Navarra.

Our territory is surrounded by mountain ranges (El Perdón, Alaiz, Izco, Lokiz, Urbasa, Andía and Ujué) at all corners except for the south where the Bardenas Reales are located. The Bardenas is a protected, semi-desert and uninhabited natural area with rich landscapes and great natural and geological wealth. 

Three great rivers make up the geography of our region: the Arga in the western part, the Cidacos in the central part and the Aragon. Ours is a territory of transition from all points of view, and this feature is why we are called Zona Media (Middle Zone) of Navarra.

Zona Media-Erdialdea MTB Center

In 2017, what is today this MTB Center began to take shape. Several municipalities of Zona Media joined forces to offer their landscape and surroundings to those who wanted to explore it by mountain bike.

After several preparatory meetings and a detailed technical project, the Consorcio de Desarrollo de la Zona Media requested funding from the Zona Media Participatory Local Development Strategy 2014-2020 (65% financed by FEADER funds and 35% by Navarra Government), being considered a strategic project, accessing 70% aid with a maximum of € 150,000

 We invite you to visit:

Artajona , Barásoain , Garínoain , Leoz , Miranda de Arga , Murillo el Cuende , Olite , Orísoain , San Martín de Unx , Santacara , Tafalla , Ujué , Pueyo and Unzué .

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