16. Charming trees

Unzué / Untzue
Technical facts
Distance: 9,9 km
Total elevation gain: 170 m
Estimated time: 1 - 2 h
Starting points: Unzué / Untzue
Difficulty: Low
Tracking: GC_Ruta Tracking

The surroundings of Unzué are ideal for mountain biking. North of the village we can go deep into Alaiz Mountains, with Unzué Peak as a witness, but in the proposed route we’re going to explore the southern area, less mountainous and perfect for easier itineraries.

Olóriz Holm Oaks, trees declared as Navarra’s Natural Monument, can be observed in the first half of the route, as well as a small oak forest. After a linking section, where we’ll ride parallel to the Highway by a cattle track, we’ll eventually reach the final part of the route. There, we’ll have a taste of Alaiz Mountains south slope singletracks, surrounded by holm oaks.

All in all, it’s a pleasant route in a natural enviroment and suitable for family rides.

Piscinas de Unzué

  • Camino de Echagüe 2, 31396 Unzué (Navarra)

This rainy spring has caused the grass to be very high on some roads, specially on the Oloriz Holm Oaks section. The problem is expected to be solved in a few days.

Water sources: Unzué.

Recommended season: All year round, except for the hottest days of summer.

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Elevation profile
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