2. Farmyards Trail

Technical facts
Distance: 21 km
Total elevation gain: 300 m
Estimated time: 1 - 2 h
Starting points: Barásoain
Difficulty: Medium
Tracking: GC_Ruta Tracking

Barásoain is a municipality closely related to wind and new technologies. This route runs through wide gravel roads amidst several wind farms which shape the landscape in this area of Navarra.

During the ride several iconic places around the village are also visited: the botanic garden with the old public laundry and an organic vegetable garden (which can be seen both at the beginning and the end of the itinerary), the renovated San Pedro chapel and the farmyards giving name to the route: Oianzarra, Lezaun, Larralde, the Huevo and finally Platero’s one.

The only difficulties we could come across are the wind and the sun, so it’s advisable to avoid riding here in warm summer days and also with strong winds. By doing so, we’ll be able to enjoy Valdorba’s unique landscape during a pleasant bike ride suitable for all.

Restaurante El Mirador

  • Carretera Pamplona-Tafalla, 33, 31395 Barásoain (Navarra)
  • T. 660533381
  • 468061479@qq.com


  • Calle Palacio De Drundin, 12, 31395 Barásoain (Navarra)
  • T. 948720013
  • T. 620839568
  • casajulito@casaruralnavarra.org

El Mirador

  • Carretera Pamplona-Tafalla, 33, 31395 Barásoain (Navarra)
  • T. 688033080
  • 468061479@qq.com

Casa El Herrero

  • Calle Agrupacion Chapardia, 7, 31395 Barásoain (Navarra)
  • T. 609400296
  • T. 948720210
  • info@casaelherrero.com

There are no active warnings for this route.

3. Diverse Valdorba

Barásoain, Garínoain, Pueyo/Puiu
  • 30,6 km
  • 520 m
  • GC_Ruta Tracking

Water sources: Barásoain.

Recommended season: All year round, except for the hottest days of summer.

Route map
Elevation profile
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