29. By the Aragón riverbank

Santacara, Traibuenas
Technical facts
Distance: 22,2 km
Total elevation gain: 76 m
Estimated time: 1,5 - 2 h
Starting points: Santacara, Traibuenas
Difficulty: Medium
Tracking: GPS

We can start this route from two locations, Santacara and Traibuenas. It goes deep into the banks of the Aragón river, where we’ll be able to observe the differences between the traditional irrigation systems in the vicinity of Santacara and the new irrigation systems located in the Traibuenas area.

It will be at the final section of the route, after crossing the NA-1240 road, when we enter a more typical landscape of the Bardenas.

El Refugio de las Bardenas

  • Calle El Concilio, 3, 31383 Rada (Navarra)
  • T. 625849833
  • refugiobardenas@gmail.com

Casa Luraik

  • Calle El Concilio, 5, 31383 Rada (Navarra)
  • T. 635370532
  • balortigmar@gmail.com

Piscinas de Santacara

  • Prol. Baratas 1, 31314 Santacara (Navarra)

There are no active warnings for this route.

30. Between groves and crops

Santacara, Traibuenas
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31. Flatlands of Zona Media

Santacara, Traibuenas, Olite/Erriberri
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33. Land of contrasts

Santacara, Traibuenas, Rada
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Water sources: Santacara, Traibuenas.

Recommended season: All year round, except for the hottest days of summer.

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Elevation profile
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