5. Sierras Route

Miranda de Arga
Technical facts
Distance: 24,5 km
Total elevation gain: 490 m
Estimated time: 2 - 3 h
Starting points: Miranda de Arga
Difficulty: High
Tracking: GC_Ruta Tracking

This track runs entirely through the municipality of Miranda de Arga. This area is so-called Navarra’s Far West due to its unique landscape.

We leave the town and soon after we’ll find an intersection that leads to the striking trails of Altocabezón, which are not part of this route but can be visited later on.

Elarre trail is the next highlight of the track. After that comes the Sierras trail, running over a breathtaking gypsum cliff where one must ride very carefully. Right after the singletrack we must take another dirt road heading to Montebajo farmhouse, starting point of the climb up to Jenáriz Mountains.

What remains now is the descent to Miranda by the Cruzate ravine and finally the fun trails of Tirujón pine forest.

Restaurante Carranza

  • Avenida San Juan, 1, 31253 Miranda de Arga (Navarra)
  • T. 660533381

Restaurante Ana de Navarra

  • Calle Daoiz, 5, 31253 Miranda de Arga (Navarra)
  • T. 948737496
  • T. 686524003
  • hospederiacasmon@yahoo.es


  • Calle Rada, 5, 31253 Miranda de Arga (Navarra)
  • T. 655720392
  • esturiba09@gmail.com


  • Calle Fontaza, 5, 31253 Miranda de Arga (Navarra)
  • T. 688612812 / 688612811
  • casaruralruna@gmail.com

Ana de Navarra

  • Calle Daoiz, 5, 31253 Miranda de Arga (Navarra)
  • T. 948737070
  • T. 661873680
  • hotelresidenciaanadenavarra@gmail.com

Piscinas de Miranda de Arga

  • C/ Dehesa 1, 31253 Miranda de Arga (Navarra)

There is very high and thorny vegetation in the section of track just after the Caserío Montebajo.

6. Montebajo Loop

Miranda de Arga
  • 18,3 km
  • 345 m
  • GC_Ruta Tracking

Water sources: Miranda de Arga.

Recommended season: All year round, except for the hottest days of summer.

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Elevation profile
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