9. Uninhabited village of Rada

Technical facts
Distance: 13,7 km
Total elevation gain: 63 m
Estimated time: 1 - 2 h
Starting points: Rada
Difficulty: Low
Tracking: GC_Ruta Tracking

Some of the easiest MTB routes of Zona Media can be found around Rada. Route 9 is a good example suitable for all ages. It departs from Rada and heads to the homonymous uninhabited village, an impressive medieval hamlet located at the top of a hill which is apparent from all across the plains.

The ride starts in parallel to a small mountain range covered with pines and called Atalaya. After crossing the road, the route goes on climbing towards Villar Yard, where it turns left in order to cross an area of steppe landscape. At this point, it’s very advisable to make an effort and climb up to the hamlet to enjoy the amazing views and visit its interior if possible (please check timetables).

The return to Rada is done by the other side of the Atalaya, again on some gravel roads in very good condition.

El Refugio de las Bardenas

  • Calle El Concilio, 3, 31383 Rada (Navarra)
  • T. 625849833
  • refugiobardenas@gmail.com

Casa Luraik

  • Calle El Concilio, 5, 31383 Rada (Navarra)
  • T. 635370532
  • balortigmar@gmail.com

Piscinas de Rada

  • Ronda el Requete 14, 31383 Rada (Navarra)

There are no active warnings for this route.

26. Rada Lagoon

  • 13,1 km
  • 76 m
  • GPS

Stage 3. Olite-Rada

  • 43,7 km
  • 170 m
  • GPS

33. Land of contrasts

Santacara, Traibuenas, Rada
  • 65,1 km
  • 300 m
  • GPS

Water sources: Rada.

Recommended season: All year round, except for the hottest days of summer.

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