The routes have been marked using the MTB signalling system owned by the French Cycling Federation, assigned for use to the Consorcio de Desarrollo de la Zona Media.

The signage consists of 12x12 cm directional marks with an icon that indicates the direction and continuity of the route, and may be of the following types:

Next to the direction marks there are small squares with the numbers of the routes that pass through that point. Each square has a color corresponding to the route difficulty, which can be:

GREEN / EasyEasy routes, perfect for families and beginners.

BLUE / ModerateNon-complicated route but longer or with some technical passages.

RED / HardFor bikers experienced in difficult MTB routes.

BLACK / Very hardRoute for experts only.

La fórmula utilizada para obtener el nivel de dificultad de las rutas es la definida en el Manual de Señalización de la Federación Aragonesa de Ciclismo para rutas BTT.

The formula used to obtain the routes' difficulty color is the one defined in the MTB Routes Signalling Manual of the Aragonese Cycling Federation.

IMPORTANT: The routes are marked only one way.


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